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Graduation:  Moving Beyond Plastic Kayaks

Graduation: Moving Beyond Plastic Kayaks

Alan Bergman - Not every graduation requires wearing a cap and gown.  In fact, I wore a bathing suit to my last graduation.  It was some 15 years ago, the monumental day that I graduated from a plastic kayak into a fiberglass one. Many kayaking gurus...

Essential Gear:  The Bilge Pump and Paddle Float

Essential Gear: The Bilge Pump and Paddle Float

Alan Bergman - Peanut butter and jelly isn’t the only iconic couple out there.  Many kayakers think of a bilge pump and paddle float as another inseparable twosome.  In fact, if you watch paddlers loading up their kayaks with gear prior to launching, chances are...

Seniors and Paddlesports

Seniors and Paddlesports

Alan Bergman - Although decades older than I, my favorite paddling partner, Phil, is well into octogenarian territory at age 87.  He has far more energy and enthusiasm for kayaking than many paddlers far younger than he.  We have spent many years kayaking...

Essential Gear: WATER!

Essential Gear: WATER!

Alan Bergman - One may question whether water actually qualifies as “gear” for paddle sports, but it’s at least as necessary as anything else you bring with you. Staying hydrated while out on the water is oh-soooooooo hugely important!  The simple truth is that this...

Getting Into and Out of a Kayak

Getting Into and Out of a Kayak

Alan Bergman - Perhaps surprising, but some paddlers find entering and exiting a kayak the most difficult parts of kayaking.  I have seen fellow kayakers successfully navigate their way six or seven miles through somewhat turbulent, choppy water, only to tumble out as...

Essential Gear:  The PFD

Essential Gear: The PFD

Alan Bergman - The American Express credit card commercials sternly warn us, “don’t leave home without it”.  The US Coast Guard has their stern warning, too: don’t engage in any kind of boating without it. It, in the latter example, has many names:  life vest; life...

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